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*Word limit strictly imposed.


Thanks to Marijana’s cajoling Monday morning (“Nothing wrong with a skirt with a peplum… but…[it’s]… a bit ’80s!”), which I needed, frankly (and there’s nothing like a nudge from one woman who knew the ’80s to another woman who knew the ’80s :)), I finally dug deep and made a toile of the 6Nap bodice last night. I’m all in now, friends. I’ve been trying everything I can to avoid taking on this challenge fully but now I’m in. And I’m going to make a fluffy, fluffy skirt. Sox had a great idea to offer yesterday, of layering different colours of chiffon. Very pretty idea. I will give that some deep thought once I am back from Italy. Suddenly a Botticelli theme springs to mind.


I’m showing you the bodice now in case I remain in Italy! Actually, I have to come back, as I start my new job next week. I’ve also promised friends the usual enormous wedges of parm reg and bags of biscotti from Prato…

It’s a wee bit snug at the hips, which can be easily corrected, but I give you Victorian boudoir with plants and Nike shorts con bodice. Sadly, the photos reveal that my plants are hardly the lush ferns of my Victorian conservatory dreams. In fact, if truth be told, best friend C. takes it upon himself to water and feed my plants when he comes over, because I am terribly forgetful about it.

My version is mostly symmetric, but at least I have added style lines and there is an off-centre dip! It’s only folded under, as I don’t have fancy style tape, but I think I can go off to the continent with confidence that I can create a 6N bodice facsimile for this challenge (which I have doubted). I even bought the perfect cotton-silk in a beautiful blue over the weekend, so I am ready. Fire the starting pistol!

Here’s a photo where I’m not yanking it down. It’s so difficult to take a photo with one hand while not distorting everything…if you are me. (No, I can’t rub my tummy and tap my head at the same time. I will leave that to the co-ordinated people.)


No post would be complete without a fanciful pose. And under 400 words, too. A record. Are you tempted to join in now? Oops just noticed that dip needs to be steeper on short side…